Optimizing Profit Through Corporate Barter

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Equitrade functions as a barter banker, a third party record-keeper, bringing order and liquidity to an otherwise convoluted process. Businesses can take advantage of the purchasing power from sales that have yet to be made. A business that deposits gift certificates into an Equitrade account receives a barter credit balance that can be used to purchase needed products and services.



How It Works


Barter is a strategy for converting excess inventory and unused capacity into additional sales and reduced cash expenditures.When a business uses barter in instead of cash, more cash stays in the bank.

On average most businesses experience about 15% in excess capacity. That means that they can absorb an extra 15% in new sales without increasing their overhead. That could be a significant number for your business.

Business owners would like to keep inventory to a minimum to avoid high carrying costs and the risks of obsolescence. And businesses would like to operate at its optimum capacity in order to maximize profit margins.

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