Equitrade specializes in the use of barter as a financing tool for the acquisition of real estate or the purchase of a new business, expansion of existing businesses, or financing of receivables:

Acquisition Financing

In order to reduce the amount of cash required for an acquisition, Equitrade uses barter to help clients finance the purchase of real estate or a new business. The needed barter assets can even be redeemed out of the ongoing operations and excess capacity of the newly acquired business or real estate project.

Expansion Capital

In a similar way, Equitrade uses barter finance to assist in the expansion of an existing business, especially when that expansion involves real estate leases, construction projects or rehab of facilities. Again, the creative use of barter lowers cash outlay and the increased capacity becomes the vehicle to repay the barter portion of the financing.

Accounts Receivable

Barter can provide a very effective strategy for turning poorly performing receivables into collectible assets. Equitrade converts hard to collect receivables into needed goods and services for your company by negotiating with your debtors to repay the debt with an exchange of their goods and services.