Protecting Price and Producing Profit

Barter is a powerful tool for protecting the value of your inventory and optimizing the use of your assets.

High inventories generally mean high risks. And yet, an overstock situation is often unavoidable, given fluctuations in the market, introductions of new products, and normal product obsolescence.

The usual overstock remedies – deep discounting or liquidation – tend to depress both sales and profits.

When you are faced with excessive inventory, Equitrade will help you open secondary markets available only through barter. Moving overstocked merchandise into the barter marketplace protects your normal distribution channels. It helps to keep prices up and write-offs down.

Barter is also the perfect solution when you are faced with perishable inventory or excess capacity. Trading perishable inventory, be it vacant hotel rooms, unsold media, empty airline seats, or vacant office space is a way of generating sales that would otherwise be lost. Using excess capacity to produce goods and services for the barter market not only builds additional revenues, it improves gross margins on all other sales, and converts profit-draining downtime into profit-making productivity. It also prevents layoffs and allows you to retain your
skilled labor force.

And, since these sales are often generated at minimal additional cost, much of the revenue gained drops directly to your bottom line.