Build your Business With Bartered Media

Most companies have the need to open new markets, reach new customers, launch new products, and expand their base of business.

Bartering for media can be a powerful tool for underwriting marketing campaigns and making the cost of media more affordable.

Because so much print and broadcast media is time-sensitive and therefore perishable, the use of barter has become a staple in media buying.

And because barter sales typically involve incremental sales and incremental costs, they often yield highly leveraged results, especially when dealing with the purchase of advertising media.

Equitrade will help your company use barter to create additional advertising resources, and show you how to make those resources go farther – in both media development and the purchase of media time.

Equitrade provides diverse barter services for your company and helps you to devise a financial barter strategy. Equitrade will also act as a principal in trades to provide your company with one way trade opportunities and will develop unique barter packages for specialized niche markets.

In short, Equitrade represents what barter is: A gateway to solving business problems and building your bottom line.